About SINOVO health solutions GmbH

SINOVO health solutions GmbH stands for spreading highly integrated, mobile and compatible treatment and therapy systems in the health-care market. SINOVO helps its customers to lower expenditure of time, complexity and costs. SINOVO increases the success for the treatment and herewith the health of the customers. The risk of subsequent illnesses will be reduced and lowers the costs for the health system!

The development of SINOVO is a history "from practice, for the practice" from the freeware project "SiDiary". The Manager of SINOVO, Alf Windhorst (has diabetes since 1990), was searching for a PocketPC application for diabetes. He couldn't find anything that was working well for a daily use. So he developed "SiDiary" and made a freeware version available for everyone in the internet. The success of the software was amazing, so this "hobby" became a "full time job" for several team members. That's why the two managers Alf Windhorst and Jan Filip decided to found the SINOVO health solutions GmbH, to place the project in the market for a favorable price and ensure the support for the users of SiDiary worldwide!

The future of SINOVO has the slogan "Made for the practice, devised from the practice". SINOVO could only reach this high quality, because of the direct and short communication between customers and producer. The central ways for a successful and reasonable product development is the feedback from you: the customers! New ideas and developments are always examined by external and critical test persons for their practice capability of innovations for SiDiary. The Quality of the software stands first, if it concerns your health.

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