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SiDiary version 6 - A step towards diabetes telemonitoring

SINOVO, one of the global leading experts in digital diabetes management, offers now version 6 of its software SiDiary. The new version is equipped with a completely updated user interface. Other functions have also been optimized. Besides users are now able to define their own vital parameters and track their own records. This represents a further important step towards a personal mobile customized health management.

SiDiary version 6 also optimizes various other functions such as the data import from blood glucose meters, insulin pumps or blood pressure meters.

With SiDiary 6 users are able to process even more parameters than with version 5. Now they can even import data from pedometers or other external software.

SiDiary 6 ideally supports the co-operation between doctors or diabetes consultants and diabetics: the patient is able to send his doctor the relevant data by email or with the SiDiary online version and release the data directly for his doctor. This is another important step towards diabetes telemonitoring.

“SiDiary 6 represents a quantum leap in diabetes management” states Alf Windhorst, managing director of SINOVO, who himself is a diabetic. “We did not only focus on expanding the functions of SiDiary, above all our target was to simplify the handling.”

About SINOVO Ltd. & Co. KG SINOVO Ltd. & Co. KG stands for comprehensive, highly integrated, mobile and compatible therapy systems in the healthcare market. SINOVO helps to increase the success of medical treatment and herewith the health of the users. The risk of subsequent illnesses of diabetes can be reduced considerably. Originally SINOVO was a freeware project. The managing director of SINOVO, Alf Windhorst, himself a diabetic, had looked for a pocket PC application for diabetes management. He had not been able find anything that was working well for a daily use. So he developed "SiDiary" and made a freeware version available for everyone on the internet. The success of the software was amazing. Therefore the managers Alf Windhorst and Jan Filip decided to found the SINOVO Ltd. & Co. KG to be able to sell SiDiary on the market at a fair price and ensure the support for the users worldwide. SINOVO achieves a high quality of the software in particular because of the direct and short communication between the users and SINOVO.
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